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...and all i know is you are cute when you scream [entries|friends|calendar]

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stay SUPER posi<3 [04 May 2005|03:11pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

SUP? i am going to make a new one of these. i am tired of this one. so if you have any ideas or anything, feel free to comment.

Ashley and I are sooo SCENE (to Scott Fereti at least) that for now on we aren't talking shit about people. we are ACTUALLY going to TRY and grow up. maybe you should try, too.

LOVE sarah<33

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d00d! [08 Apr 2005|09:47am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Ice Show;
Friday, April 9th- 7:30
Saturday, April 10th-(2 shows) 1:00 & 7:00
Sunday, April 11th- 2:00

yeah. it is going to suck this year. i don't insist on telling you to come, but if you really want to, there you go. BLACKOUT LOOKS PIMP. but that's just about it. buy me flowers. and ashley. and leslie. and jesi. and RACHEL. and STEPHANIE. and SALIESE! I AM GOING TO MISS HER SO MUCH ♥♥ gah. yeah, well, that's that. have fun times. LATAH.

--Sarah's out.

wait. no i'm not. i got an expander and braces. they feel cool. i'm sure they will hurt soon, but i LOVE them. yeah, i'm gay. LOVE sarah♥

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this entry couldn't have been made without ASHLEY LISI<3 [31 Mar 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | busy ]

omfg. it has been to long. ashley lisi is god because she made this picture, and i told her i would post it. i am painting my room tomorrow. too much has happend for me to post. kthnx.

seriously, stop posting in your livejournal. no one likes you. and don't blow kyle's dick again. or i'll kill you. <3 Ashley.

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Come on just say it, you need me like a bad habit. [06 Mar 2005|08:50pm]
[ mood | Woop woop. ]

This weekend was a lot of fun! Friday I got my hair cut again, and Tonya and Ryan left, but i think i said that in my last entry. I got home though, and then Sandro came and got me, and George was following us, and we drove out to "the boonies" Saliese and Kate came. We went to Derrik Little's party. Mikey, Pat, Derrik, Derrik's girlfriend, and some other girls were there. That was pretty fun, but we left to go get some drinks, but we only had like $6.00 or something all together, so we went to Sandro's house. George left. We sat for awhile, then i went home to spend "quality time" with my father. Saturday i went and got Stephanie, then she came over, we waited awhile, then went with Sandro and Jon skating at Davidson, Sandy has my skateboard, so Steph and I just watched them try and skate. Then we all went to Sandro's house, and played some fun games. Then we went open skating, that was tons of fun, then Steph and I went to my house, and Erik and Jay and Bobby came over. Like old times......... heh. Then Sandro came and got Steph and I, and Erik and Jay and Bobby left, and then we went to Applebees. It was Saliese, Jon, Laura, Rachel, Sandro, Stephanie, and I, and we ate cherries, and chicken things, and desserts, and took funny pictures. Then Sandro, Steph, and I went to my house, then we had fun, then i stayed the night at Stephanie's house. Her Grandma is cute. Kthnx<3 Today i hung out with Brittany, Sandro left us in the middle of Taylor, just up and left. Drives away. I was mad. Then we fought over that. We are fine now though. Britt and I ate, and saw Justin, The Mexican, and Mike, and then ate more, lol, then i went to the soccer game, and then i went to skating. I talked to Sandro on the phone, and i am drinking Propel, now i have to go soak up the happiness. Yay! Kbye.

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People. Time to get dirrrrty. [04 Mar 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

My brother and Tonya are leaving for Paris tonight. This is kind of depressing, but on the other hand it is the nuts. My dad is here, but he is leaving tomorrow morning hopefully. I am going to get my hair cut off in a few minutes. I have hung out with Randy a few times since i updated i think. I have gone to The Grind once. Jose came over once. School is fun, it just is, don't ask questions. I heard Josh Lewis thinks i like him again or something like that. I threw up in my mouth just a tad. Yucky. I get presents in one week...... when Tonya and Ryan get back. This excites me. Randy and I made cute bracelets, you can't know what they say though, because you are not as cool as us. Or as him. I am just here. I love it! My brothers love Randy because he plays guitar as good as....... as my dad being gay. Blah! I am bored of typing i just thought i should update because i have this thing, and i might as well keep up with it. Shower. Kthnx<3

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Love will tear us apart again..... [28 Feb 2005|04:10pm]
[ mood | cold ]

It has been awhile since i last updated;

Lately i have hung out with Sandro, Saliese, Randy, Dave, Tim, Ashley, Paige, no Brittany (boo), Jordan, the other Jordan, Leslie, Jesi, Alex, Nikki, and maybe some other people who i can't remember. I have not tanned, i have worked out though, i have gone to Subway a few hundered times. I have been in Detroit with my daddy a couple times, i have done a lot of talking on my phone, and a lot of going to The Grind. Sandro's house is fun, i love his family, and Randy and his friends are great. LIFE IS GOOD! Gah<333 I have to go listen to stuff, and Brittany is here actually right now, so everything is just peachy. LOVE YOU ALL. Kbye<3

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Another sleepless night turns color black and white<3 [22 Feb 2005|05:59pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I went to my dad's house in Ohio allllll weekend. It was actually pretty fun. NO DRAMA!!! That was awesome. I talked to a select few whom i wanted to talked to, and one other one called me, but i didn't really want to talk to them. WHORE! Kthnx<3 I got home and hung out with Brittany. I don't remember what we did, but i know we had fun. Of course. I skated i think. Again, not sure. Monday, yesterday, whatev, i hung out with Brittany, we watched old videos of us from when we were like 2-10 or something. I don't know. They were all so funny! Eddie, and Steven Hodges were in one or two of them. Those were reaaaal nice. People told other people they don't want to hate me anymore because they want to come to my parties during the summer. I am a party pimp. I skated, i got Ashley and I coffee, talked to Sandro, dropped my keys, tried to be a cheerleader, broke my phone, complained, then talked to Sandro again. I have to get naked BEHIND THE SENCES with Ashley Lisi<3, Stephanie Yacko<3, and Emily Musik. That is going to be interesting. Okay, i am hungry. What's up food? Byebye<33333333333333333333333333333

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YOUR FACE! [17 Feb 2005|12:40pm]
[ mood | GATORADE! ]

Yesterday and Today we have half days. Tuesday night i worked out, and then went the the soccer game<3333! It was fun. I sat with Sandro the whole time, then since he is injured, and he listens to good music, we took him home. lol. He is so nice! Then i watched American Idol. Yesterday i worked out and talked to Randy for awhile. Brittany came over, we had fun times. Mike Little came over and we had more fun times x3059723!!!!!! He made me choke when he hit my back, and then we kept hitting each other, they were doing handstands. That was a laugh! Today my dad is coming to pick me up to go to his house in Ohio for the weekend i guess. That sucks since i wanted to hang out with Randy. I guess i will have to wait. Well i'm out! LOVE YOU BYE<3

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What's a horoscope? A telescope focused just on you. [14 Feb 2005|03:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Friday Tonya and I spent the day together. It was so fun! We swapped funny stories, and they made me laugh. We talked about boys, for like an hour, maybe more. We made cookies, and not just the ones you break, you had to like mix it and stuff to make the dough. They are disgusting. Saturday I spent the day with Brittany, and the night. We took so many pictures! We made fun of people when we took the pictures, like being cool because we can hold my skateboard, and being all slutty crawling on the ground. They are funny. We made me a My Space, but you can't see it yet, because it's not pretty. We drank this green magic potion. Yummmy! Adam was like suprised or something? It was funny, too. We made funny videos with my camera too. They are reaaal nice. I went to "brunch" with my mom, Tonya, Ryan, and Pat, at Fratellos, and it was yummy. Terry Anderson was our waiter. That sucked! hah. I went back to Brittany's, and we got Little Ceasers, we took even more pictures, and we made these cookie things. Tasty. I think! I left. Showered. Watched The Grudge. Talked to boys<3! Slept. School was alright today. Everyone makes such a big deal of this Monday. VALENTINES DAY IS JUST A HALLMARK HOLIDAY! It is not a real holiday. Faire mes la bouche!!!!!! (thats what Mrs. Krol says.)I am going to buy shoes, and get Applebees now. LOVE YOU ALL! Bye<3

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I ordered a coffee, where's my fxcking coffee? [11 Feb 2005|03:25pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Wednesday Brittany came over finally. Yesterday I skated, and it was kind of fun. Brenden was there<3 He got hot......ter. If that was possible. lol! I love those damn Riverview kids. Some of them at least...... SOME! Kthnx. Oh yeah, i got my hair highlighted yesterday too. I wore my hot white pants today to school, and my space coat, and a rainbow type shirt. I got compliments. I will never wear it again.


SETH COHEN/ADAM BRODY IS COMING TO 12 OAKS ON TUESDAY! I AM GOING. Whoo hoo! I am really bored. I gave up pop for lent. This will suck. I think i am going to make a new LJ. ILOVEYOUUU!!! Byebye<3

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M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E [09 Feb 2005|11:42am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So i don't like computers anymore. Mine isn't broke or anything, it just starts drama. I am talkng about going online and stuff, not LJ. I love this thing. I just don't have a lot of time to update anymore. I am getting braces in like 7 weeks. I can't wait, i need them. I haven't gone to ATS in almost 2 weeks, and i am not planning on going. I haven't seen Brittany in about a week, i hate that. I miss her a lot, i think i cried one of these days, but i can't remember, i am over it. I miss my friends<3 Skating and soccer ruined a lot of it. I couldn't care less though, so it's fine. Okay my emo moment is over. I can't remember what i have been doing, but i have skated, played soccer, shopped, went to the movies with Jose, Brittany, and Joe..... that was fun. I babysat, read, took showers, went to the ortho and i am getting braces soon. Thank god. Broke up with my boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend. Regretted everything i said to him, and now i miss him. I am bored and i don't feel like updating, maybe i will tomorrow or something, alrighty, byebye<3

I bought valentine cards, they are adorable!! Max bought Hello Kitty ones!! Yay. I am going to give them out to a lot of people. I can't wait. Later!

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Baby, you just don't get it. [05 Feb 2005|11:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today was a lot of fun!! I went to the mall like i said, with Tonya, her mom, and my mom. I bought these new white pants from Forever 21! They are sooo cute. lol! When you see them you will be very suprised. We ate at Applebees, which was actually pretty damn tasty. We came back here and Brittany came over, we played Catch Phrase, then Mike Little came over and joined in, then my brother joined in, then Tonya. It was so much fun!! I "waved" my hair, and then got dressed all cutesyish to go out with some people, and we decided not to go. Anthony and Joe came over and then we (brittany too) went to see that Boogyman movie, not sure if that is how you spell it. It was kind of scary, but i'm over it. I talked to Jeff for a little bit, and Matt. So i guess some kids were at the movies and they were skateboarding, and then someone drove by and shouted "YOU SUCK AT SKATEBOARDING", and then the next thing you hear is "f,nq3e8orh23oitrhbew09hft3" Yeah, well actually a crashing noise, because that car full of people tried peeling out, and crashed into this huge white truck. It was HILARIOUS! Then we couldn't fit in the car..... that was tragic. Of course we made it happen though, painful, but we got through it. I am tired now, and i am going to call my boo<3 then i am going to bed.

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I hate the way i love you so much. [04 Feb 2005|11:24pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So i have been trying to think what i did on Wednesday, and it just ins't coming to me. I don't remember what days i do stuff, but one day i went to the mall and bought an ITALY TRACK JACKET FROM FOREVER 21!! Yes, they got them in. Obvious. I "skated" meaning it was floor practice, which sucked. I missed half of The OC, but the other half was reaaaal nice! Mrs. Krol, and Mrs. Phillips bought me a present for my birthday<33 How cute is that?! lol. Brittany came over today, it has been awhile. We had a lot of fun! We played Catch Phrase, but just us, it worked, but it didn't. One of the words was STORK, and she was like STROKE STROKE!! .....maybe you had to be there. Yeah. I just got home from babysitting, that was pretty fun. Money is money, anyway i can get it, i will try. That sounds bad, it wasn't meant to. Sorry. Moving on, tomorrow, my mom, Tonya's mom, Tonya, and i are all going to the mall, i am supposed to hang out with my cousin Annie to watch the twins' game, Erik and I are supposed to hang out, and Nick and I, and Jeff and I, and the old man and I, old man is not my dad, ahaha. I am going to bed now. G'night ya'll!

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........UN HOT-DOG! You'll never know. [02 Feb 2005|03:01pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Yesterday my mom and I went to the mall. I got 2 green type jackets, one is cordoroy (that can't be how you spell it), and one is all space suity. It is very, very funny looking, but cute, too. With the other one i got this old grandma looking flowery button up thing, haha, it is alright. THEY HAD A TRACK JACKET THAT SAID BRAZIL!!! I can't believe they still don't have the ITALY one. I love it!! This one cute boy that worked at PacSun told me the pants i tried on looked hot. I was probably drooling. My birthday was fun! We (my mom and I) went to Pat's soccer game, AND COACH IS ON THE MOTHA EFFIN TEAM!! He is like i am expecting to see you at training and stuff, so now i am just bound to go. haha! I saw Sandro, he was limping, it was terrible. We left at the half-timeish thing, and went to this resturaunt. It was unbelieveable. I think everyone who is someone should go. I would tell you the name, but i would demolish it with my horrible spelling. I think it is like Carraba's, it is located a little further down than CVS, closer to the ice rink and stuff. It is yummy<33 Today, school was alright, i still have Math homework. That's no good! Max is most likely mad at me again, because effin Tiffany didn't tell her whether or not she wanted the tickets!!! I didn't come on here yesterday, it was my birthday. They were supposed to figure it out. Actually, Tiffany was! Whatever, i am going to go off and do something soccer related now, love yous<33

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It's my birthday, thanks mom<3 [01 Feb 2005|03:22pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

It is my birthday. Someone decorated my locker, it was cute, but weird. I haven't done much lately. Thursday and Friday i had the flu really bad, i pretty much slept alllllllll day, both days. Saturday, i still didn't feel the best, but it was my mom's birthday, so i went out with my family or something like that i think. I babysat that night. (my dad, that butthole, got my mom a humor limo, everytime he comes here he gets a humor limo, he is rich, and i want to move to Ohio with him) Babysitting was fun, i got pictures, but i still don't know how to size them, or put them in here, so you can't see any of them until i learn. Sunday morning around 4:00 i got home, fell asleep about 7:30, woke up about 10:00. Had to make my own birthday cake, buy my own birthday balloons, and clean my house for my own birthday party. Nothing seems right about that to me. The family came over, we had fun, we played Catch Phrase, that is always fun. It is absolutley hilarious when you are with my family, you should come next time<3 Yeah, i was talking to you. Monday Britt came over after school, we watched an awesome movie, my dad took us to eat and then to the mall. I only bought a Norma Jean shirt, and Strawberry/Champagne body stuff. I am going back soon, so i can finish off all of my money and what not. I think i am going to wait until i go visit my dad, the mall by him has everything, and it owns<33 Today again, my birthday, it was cute. School was fun actually. Maxime showed me this conversation from her and this Tiffany character. STUPID! CRAZY! Yuck. Not Max, Tiff. She is mean. Well, again whoever decorated my locker, thanks, it was nice. Don't do it again. I went to Subway for lunch with my mom, Tonya, Jay, and..... Erik. Yeah. I am old. I am like on my death bed or something. I have to go right my will now. I LOVE YOU ALL!! Bye<3

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My Puppy<33 [27 Jan 2005|09:50pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Read more...Collapse )

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I WILL NEVER COOK YOU WAFFLES AGAIN!</3 [27 Jan 2005|09:11pm]
[ mood | Well, I do have the flu. ]

I went to school for about an hour today, realized i didn't feel good, Chris Pratt felt me and said i was hot (that sounds funny), i went to my next class anyways, and the teacher told me to go to the office because i didn't look good. Turns out i have a bad case of the flu. Well, all cases of the flu are bad, but somehow i ended up with a "special" case of it. Sucks. Oh well, i am over it. I have to miss French tomorrow though. That sucks x14.3!!! I might go to school just for that class... am i allowed to do that? I haven't ate today. I am hungry, but i can't eat. I am bored. I have ADD and ADHD. I am actually STILL happy about my life. Who would've figured, it's been awhile since the last time i wanted to crawl in a dark hole and never come out. The kid everyone agrees is sex, is definatley my new boo. I <3 him! I think i am going to vomit again. How is it that you can like not eat all day, but you throw up like you have been eating..... non stop? Confusing. I need to size my pictures and post them, i am a little behind. I miss Brittany! I guess i am having this birthday party thing for my family (we don't get along very well)on Sunday. That is going to suck!!!! My mom's birthday is Saturday, and mine is Tuesday. Well, i love you all, but i am going to try and sleep, or eat, or something! I love my puppy<3 Bye.

Hey, i just thought, it is my birthday on Tuesday. I am not excited. I am gettng old, too old. I am.............. OLD! Damn, i hate that rabbit. Now i think i am done. RaNdOmNeSsSs! IM BORED! (haha like "IM FULL") This time i really am done, bye<3

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Can't you see that i wanna be there with open arms? [26 Jan 2005|03:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yesterday was a great day man. I bought my mom her birthday present finally. It cost a lot of money!! Oh well, i guess that i was in a chipper mood. Well, anywho, Tonya and I got gummie bears, and slurpees/coffee. That was yummy. I cashed a few checks, so i got some money. Then i went home and did my homework, then i got ready, and i went to my brother/Mikey's/Sandro's soccer game. I honestly went to see my brother, but Sandro and Mike were a plus. They lost, but it was a really good game. Everyone did super!! I talked to Sandro after for a litte bit. That was the fun part. It wasn't much, but who the hell cares?! He is nice. I came home, took a shower, then went to bed. Today school was fun. I wore my Dr. Pepper shirt that i don't understand. It owns<3 I am talking to Jeff Campbell right now, he is pretty, and nice. Okay, i'm going to go do something, have a nice night/day/morning? Bye<3

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You would rather watch me drown than see your hand get wet. [24 Jan 2005|09:53pm]
[ mood | That is a cool word! ]

Babysitting was so much fun, and those people pay realllll nice<3 We made cookies and decorated them and stuff. Those kids are the cutest! I have to babysit again next Saturday, so i will take some pictures, and when i stop being lazy i will finally show you all of them that i have taken since.... CHRISTMAS! Damn. I CAN LEGALLY DRIVE IN APRIL. So you all know. My birthday is in.... well it is a week from tomorrow (Tuesday, February 1st is the exact date) hah. I am not that excited. I am getting old! lol. So, i think i hung out with Brittany yesterday, i am not sure though. I know i skated. And yeah! Brittany and I went to see Mikey for a little bit and i made a documentary thingy on "GayTS" ((that is a good one)) and it is funny. I skated too, Ashley scared the shit out of me! We took funny pictures/videos of that, and the Canadian coach dude. Weirdo! (Ashley made a funny awhile back at lunch, we were talking about Canada or something, and she goes SPEAKING OF CANADIANS!!! I saw Kyle.... and it was funny) So, yeah, today April came over Brittany's and all three of us played pool and listened to music, and i made them listen to m00p, and they laughed so hard. For anyone who hasn't heard this m00p character, click this; http://www.purevolume.com/m00p/music you will enjoy it. YOU HAVE TO READ THE INFO FIRST THOUGH!! We went out to eat, and then we saw Mikey for a little bit again, i love him!<3 We talked about some stuff..... you have to be on a need-to-know-basis to know this, and you, are not. Sorry! Then we left, brought Brittany home, brought April home, then i went with Tonya and my mom to tan, i didn't tan though, we went home, worked out, i took a shower, we ate ice cream, i talked to these fellas i just met, and now i am going to bed. G'night all!<3

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I will not bend, i will not break. [22 Jan 2005|04:13pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Yesterday Brittany and I worked out hardcore. It was so funny! Then we started running around my house. That was quite interesting! She left and my mom, Tonya, Kandace, Pat, Becky, Cassie, Trina, Courtney, and Ryan all went to Brooklyns. I had tasty food. I don't know what it was though! Boo. That place is nifty, i locked Tonya in some really old phonebooth. That was hilarious! We came back here, colored a lot, listened to music, you know, the usual stuff Tonya and I do! Today i woke up late, finally! Took a shower, listened to some music, talked to my mom about those tickets i am selling for those two concerts. I did my hair and what not, then we (my mom and I) went to Jesi Burr's house to fix my pants. (at the skatepark they got ripped a lot in a spot that should not be ripped!) So she fixed them, and then we came back here. I have to babysit tonight, who knows how long, April wants to go to Chuckie Cheese's though! That would be fun. Anywho, i am going to get some shit for the kids for later, we will have so much fun<3 Okay, byebye!!

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